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Apologia Chemistry - 2012/2013

For ages 15 -18 yrs.

Classes are 90 minutes long.

 Annual Tuition is $248*. (This includes all lab materials)    

 *Facility fees apply. (Not included in tuition)

(See Payment Policies for more detail)  

Required Textbook: "Exploring Creation With Chemistry"  2nd Edition  by Apologia.
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Lab and Reading schedule

NOTE: This class requires a minimum of 4 students registered in a location.


Algebra I

Please take this prerequisite seriously. Every year we have one or two students enroll who have not really mastered basic algebra, and they struggle with Chemistry. For instance, could your student do the following problem:

Given Q = mcT
What is T?

Answer: 10.4923461141

Another problem we have, is that there are usually one or two students who need to learn how to use their calculators. Have your student read this article, and then ask them to do the following with their calculator:

Answer: 6.0534 x 10-19

If you feel that your student may need tutoring with the algebra in Chemistry, we provide this on an as needed basis on alternate weeks to the chemistry lab class.

Class Description

Classes meet 15 times, every two weeks from September to May, with a break in December.

This is a laboratory course based on Apologia Curriculum. The class covers all the laboratory work required. We also review the main concepts of each module as a class. Students complete their studies by reading and taking tests at home. Parents and students are responsible for taking and grading the module tests . Extra help with coursework is available by email or telephone if needed.

Our Reading List details a number of vendors for the required book as well as additional optional materials and books that may be added to enrich your studies.

General Guidelines


Each class will be given a specific syllabus at the beginning of the year. Apologia's textbooks are divided into 16 modules. Each module is designed to take two weeks to complete. We have 15 lab classes through the year. In each case the syllabus will explain how we will cover 16 modules in 15 lab classes.

Each student should have completed the first module before coming to the first lab class. We suggest doing everything except the final test before class. They do not need to complete any of the experiments at home, unless instructed to do so by the teacher. We do not break the material into "'x" number of pages per day as we feel each student will have a different approach - some like to do a little each day, some prefer to do a "chunk" at a time. We encourage the students to find their own pace and set their own goals/schedule accordingly. We suggest taking the final module test after the lab class.


We will grade the students' lab reports. A report will need to be handed in at the next lesson after the lab is complete. The final course grade should be based on 35% lab grade + 65% module test results. Parents and students are responsible for taking and grading the module tests. Click here to use our grading spreadsheet in calculating the final grade.

Lab Reports

Lab reports should be neatly written in ink or typed. Headings should be underlined with a ruler. Tables and charts should be constructed with a ruler. Biology drawings should be done in pencil or coloured pencil. All pages must have the student's name and class clearly written.


All students should bring the following to class, in addition to their textbook:

  • A notebook with perforated pages.
  •  Pen and pencil
  •  Ruler
  •  A scientific calculator (a graphing calculator is not necessary - just a simple scientific calculator with exponents and square root functions)