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Richard has a bachelor of science degree with majors in Analytical Mathematics and Computer Science. Gail has a bachelor of science degree with a major in Dietetics (Clinical nutrition and food science). We have been teaching science to children for a number of  years. We both studied at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus, founded in 1910 as the Natal University College in Pietermaritzburg.


nJoy Science and Math LLC was born in 2004, after several years of teaching in the home school community of Winston-Salem NC. We had been involved in two home school co-ops, for the benefit of our children, and those of our friends. During those years, our students especially appreciated our science classes, and it was from this success that nJoy Science was born.

We have developed our own elementary aged courses and for the middle and high school ages we use Dr Wile's Apologia curriculum.

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Home Schooling

As home educators ourselves, we believe in home education. We launched our own home school in 1998. Home education provides the freedom to develop a child's character and abilities in a way that is hard to achieve otherwise. There are many examples of extrordinary minds that were home schooled: Thomas Edison for one, Francis Collins of the human genome project for another.


We teach the scientific method and see the importance of falsifiability in science.

As far as the Creation vs Evolution debate goes, we attempt to teach the controversy since information is empowering. However, we are unashamedly Creationist for the following reasons. Our Philosophy is to presuppose the Judeo-Christian Bible, since this is the only Philosophy that is provable using the Transcendental proof. See Dr Greg Bahnsen's book, Always Ready, or Dr Jason Lisle's book, Ultimate Proof. From a purely scientific point of view, Dr John Sanford's book Genetic Entropy offers a convincing scientific proof that genetic entropy is the reality, and thus, as brilliant as the theory of evolution may be, it has been falsified by recent genetic research.

Having said that, all students will be shown dignified respect regardless of their world view, and their relationship to their parents will be honored. The latter is the essence of home schooling.

 Richard, Gail,
Lara, Rosalie and Tim Hawkins


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About Africa

Some people ask us what Southern Africa is like. Well, you can have a look at Africa from satellite on your computer if you go to this page that has more about Africa.